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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • I love Sweet Home Gelato!

    The gelato tastes so amazing - and they have great coffee also!

    ~ - Brian R.

  • Great Place

    What a great place, great staff and wonderful owners! We just happened to walk in today on opening day. Great gelato! My kids and I loved it and will be going back for more delicious gelato and great pastries.

    ~ Marty Reynolds

  • Amazing Gelato

    Amazing gelato & a nice staff.

    ~ Jack Smith

  • Real Italian

    My girlfriend, raised in Italy is always complaining about American gelato...but not this place, it is wonderful! Finally found a pistachio gelato that reminds her of home.

    ~ Brent Zurawski

  • Beautiful

    Great place for family in the beautiful downtown of Naperville!

    ~ William Meyer


    The Best Gelato in the Best City!

    ~ Will Lehnert

  • Phenomenal Gelato

    Phenomenal Gelato! I enjoyed a medium Black Cherry, the cherries were perfect..sweet & sour.

    ~ Eric Latsch

  • Best in Illinois

    The Best Gelato in Illinois!

    ~ Jola Chacinska

  • Customer Service

    Quality customer service-always friendly & very kind to my kids.

    ~ Mike A

  • Impressed

    While visiting, the place was hit with a mad dash. The staff never faltered. Serving, tastings, keeping things clean and remained friendly!

    ~ Darwin Walk

  • By far the Best

    By far the BEST Gelato I have ever tried! Great Customer Service!

    ~ Blazing 420

  • Excellent

    Excellent Customer Service!

    ~ Carmen Woods Hollowell

  • Great Gelato

    Great Gelato, location recently redone well!

    ~ Cole Garcia

  • Very Good

    Very, Very, Very good. Anche la mia moglie italiana da un pollice in su. Se mangia bene!

    ~ Coran Ciganovic

  • Welcoming

    Great service and great place to be. The employees are really nice and welcoming

    ~ Jorge Goody

  • Beautiful

    What a cute little store with beautiful interior selling delicious gelatos. The staff were so friendly.

    ~ Simon Goh

  • Delicious

    The gelato was delicious & the portions were great for the price!

    ~ Meg P

  • Fantastic

    Fantastic! Great variety of flavors, also loved the macarons!

    ~ Eliazar T.

  • Amazing Staff

    The staff is AMAZING!!! Wish I could bring this cute place back to NC with me.

    ~ Ashton A

  • Tasty Stop

    A tasty stop on a warm day along the Chicago Riverwalk.

    ~ Lei G

  • Absolute Gem!!

    Stumbled onto this along the Chicago Riverwalk & it's and absolute gem!! Great flavors & Great view!

    ~ Madison F

  • Yummy

    My favorite place for gelato & many YUMMY flavors.

    ~ Kremie C

  • Thank you for make the day for our employees.

    Is always a pleasure to have you guys hosting the Social Gelato Day at our company and mostly for make it happen with a last minute request, we highly recommend you to our other business partners and our tenants. Thank you.

    ~ Marcela Guzman-Lopez - Cagan Management Group

  • The Best

    The Best gelato in Chicago! Creamy & very tasty.

    ~ Christine McWilliams

  • Awesome

    AWESOME. I had the raspberry & lemon flavor. Loved it! Can't wait to go back.

    ~ Donna Hargrove

  • Yum

    The best gelato in town. This place satisfies my sweet tooth every time. The restaurant is clean & the staff has great customer service.

    ~ Niki Jaan

  • Always Good

    Always good & the customer service is great.

    ~ Gavi Diaz Vazquez

  • Two Times

    I loved the gelato so much I went two times in one day!

    ~ Gina Thom

  • Authentic

    By far the best I've eaten! I've visited other Countries with authentic gelato, this is more authentic then authentic. If you love gelato, you've struck a gold mine!

    ~ Patrick Kostrzewa

  • Hand Crafted

    Delicious Hand Crafted gelato, love the pineapple for a warm afternoon.

    ~ Genaro Cardenas

  • Choices

    The gelato is yummy with lots of choices.

    ~ Arnell Ando

  • 5 Stars

    Would give more stars is possible. Amazing!!!!

    ~ Phillip McGeever

  • View

    Really good Gelato & an awesome view of the river.

    ~ Albany Cedeno

  • Yummy!

    I have not had gelato this creamy & delicious since Italy!

    ~ Shar Thomas

  • Delicious

    Delicious with a beautiful view.

    ~ Kristen Schmidt

  • Delicious

    Delicious! Friendly helpful staff.

    ~ Amy Hollander

  • Manager

    Great experience with the Mgr there! He really is good with welcoming the customers and making them feel welcome!

    ~ Stephanie Wong

  • Friendly

    This place has a great selection of amazing gelato. Really modern and cool atmosphere. The staff were attentive and friendly.

    ~ Adam Kirchoff

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