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Gelato is smoother & denser than American ice cream. Our gelato is made with whole milk, eliminating cream & butter fat, making it a healthier choice. Since temperature plays a role in our distinct flavors and smooth texture, our gelato is served 10-15 degrees warmer than ice cream. When you are craving something sweet, enjoy our gelatos and sorbets without the guilt!

Health & Safety

Dear Valued Customers,
We hope you are aware that we take great pride & work diligently to provide a clean & healthy environment for you to enjoy our delicious products, regularly wiping down all areas of human contact with sanitizer.  In addition, please be aware that we are currently offering curbside pickup and take out, as well as, delivery with Doordash, Uber Eats & Grub Hub if you wish to avoid larger social interaction.

We hope you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy throughout the spring & summer and we look forward to your continued patronage.

Your Sweet Home Gelato Team




Donate a cup of gelato to your local first responders, every $5.00 goes toward a cup to be delivered.  At the end of each week we will deliver the gelato to a local hospital, nursing home, fire station or police department.  Suggestions for delivery locations are welcome and we will randomly select a location.

Click the link below to bring a sweet treat to your local heroes.

Stay Safe!

~Your Sweet Home Gelato Team

Donate to our Heroes

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • I love Sweet Home Gelato!

    The gelato tastes so amazing - and they have great coffee also!

    ~ - Brian R.

  • Great Place

    What a great place, great staff and wonderful owners! We just happened to walk in today on opening day. Great gelato! My kids and I loved it and will be going back for more delicious gelato and great pastries.

    ~ Marty Reynolds

  • Amazing Gelato

    Amazing gelato & a nice staff.

    ~ Jack Smith

  • Real Italian

    My girlfriend, raised in Italy is always complaining about American gelato...but not this place, it is wonderful! Finally found a pistachio gelato that reminds her of home.

    ~ Brent Zurawski

  • Beautiful

    Great place for family in the beautiful downtown of Naperville!

    ~ William Meyer


    The Best Gelato in the Best City!

    ~ Will Lehnert

  • Phenomenal Gelato

    Phenomenal Gelato! I enjoyed a medium Black Cherry, the cherries were perfect..sweet & sour.

    ~ Eric Latsch

  • Best in Illinois

    The Best Gelato in Illinois!

    ~ Jola Chacinska

  • Customer Service

    Quality customer service-always friendly & very kind to my kids.

    ~ Mike A

  • Impressed

    While visiting, the place was hit with a mad dash. The staff never faltered. Serving, tastings, keeping things clean and remained friendly!

    ~ Darwin Walk

  • By far the Best

    By far the BEST Gelato I have ever tried! Great Customer Service!

    ~ Blazing 420

  • Excellent

    Excellent Customer Service!

    ~ Carmen Woods Hollowell

  • Great Gelato

    Great Gelato, location recently redone well!

    ~ Cole Garcia

  • Very Good

    Very, Very, Very good. Anche la mia moglie italiana da un pollice in su. Se mangia bene!

    ~ Coran Ciganovic

  • Welcoming

    Great service and great place to be. The employees are really nice and welcoming

    ~ Jorge Goody

  • Beautiful

    What a cute little store with beautiful interior selling delicious gelatos. The staff were so friendly.

    ~ Simon Goh

  • Delicious

    The gelato was delicious & the portions were great for the price!

    ~ Meg P

  • Fantastic

    Fantastic! Great variety of flavors, also loved the macarons!

    ~ Eliazar T.

  • Amazing Staff

    The staff is AMAZING!!! Wish I could bring this cute place back to NC with me.

    ~ Ashton A

  • Tasty Stop

    A tasty stop on a warm day along the Chicago Riverwalk.

    ~ Lei G

  • Absolute Gem!!

    Stumbled onto this along the Chicago Riverwalk & it's and absolute gem!! Great flavors & Great view!

    ~ Madison F

  • Yummy

    My favorite place for gelato & many YUMMY flavors.

    ~ Kremie C

  • Thank you for make the day for our employees.

    Is always a pleasure to have you guys hosting the Social Gelato Day at our company and mostly for make it happen with a last minute request, we highly recommend you to our other business partners and our tenants. Thank you.

    ~ Marcela Guzman-Lopez - Cagan Management Group

  • The Best

    The Best gelato in Chicago! Creamy & very tasty.

    ~ Christine McWilliams

  • Awesome

    AWESOME. I had the raspberry & lemon flavor. Loved it! Can't wait to go back.

    ~ Donna Hargrove

  • Yum

    The best gelato in town. This place satisfies my sweet tooth every time. The restaurant is clean & the staff has great customer service.

    ~ Niki Jaan

  • Always Good

    Always good & the customer service is great.

    ~ Gavi Diaz Vazquez

  • Two Times

    I loved the gelato so much I went two times in one day!

    ~ Gina Thom

  • Authentic

    By far the best I've eaten! I've visited other Countries with authentic gelato, this is more authentic then authentic. If you love gelato, you've struck a gold mine!

    ~ Patrick Kostrzewa

  • Hand Crafted

    Delicious Hand Crafted gelato, love the pineapple for a warm afternoon.

    ~ Genaro Cardenas

  • Choices

    The gelato is yummy with lots of choices.

    ~ Arnell Ando

  • 5 Stars

    Would give more stars is possible. Amazing!!!!

    ~ Phillip McGeever

  • View

    Really good Gelato & an awesome view of the river.

    ~ Albany Cedeno

  • Yummy!

    I have not had gelato this creamy & delicious since Italy!

    ~ Shar Thomas

  • Delicious

    Delicious with a beautiful view.

    ~ Kristen Schmidt

  • Delicious

    Delicious! Friendly helpful staff.

    ~ Amy Hollander

  • Manager

    Great experience with the Mgr there! He really is good with welcoming the customers and making them feel welcome!

    ~ Stephanie Wong

  • Friendly

    This place has a great selection of amazing gelato. Really modern and cool atmosphere. The staff were attentive and friendly.

    ~ Adam Kirchoff

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